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Raija´s Diary - Four theories about encounters with four photos of the second forest gallery

Raija  2015/05/30    Encounters meet sometimes in woods and discuss about Pop-Up Art Exhibition

Iris  22:35:40 31/05/2015   fun

nuray  23:29:23 31/05/2015  my first exhibition as an artwork :))

Chris  11:21:08 01/06/2015   To Raija: Thanks for your funny title.

To Nuray: In my eyes your first moment of beeing an artwork already is a great moment. Nice to see you on Facebook with it.

Raija  12:15:32 01/06/2015  Nuray, but not the last :-)

nuray   13:40:57 01/06/2015   :)) Thank you Chris. I really like it a lot.

Raija  2015/05/31  Encounters like to encounter encounters

Ulla  22:05:17 31/05/2015  Yes, yes!

Angelika  22:14:08 31/05/2015  what a word!

nuray   23:28:15 31/05/2015  encountering encounters makes me want to have more encounters :D

Chris   11:17:34 01/06/2015  O you therapists ! But you have humor, so the encounting becomes a fine event :-)

Raija   12:10:22 01/06/2015  thanks for you who has it also!

Raija   12:11:32 01/06/2015  as many otherS in our group!! Shared humoR

Raija   2015/06/01  Encounters like to see photos of dear friends

Ulla   22:04:46 31/05/2015  Yes, we missed her in Luxemburg, great to see her photo!

Raija   23:07:49 31/05/2015  she is even better in the nature and also in the photo of Chris - greetings to Kiki!

nuray   23:24:58 31/05/2015  kiki, we missed you so much!

Chris   11:27:59 01/06/2015  Thanks to Raija for publishing this photo in I am We. When I planned the "Wood Gallery" in February 2015, I expected that Kiki would come.
Hey Kiki, this is the actual version of your Turku Workshop pic. It differs from the one you have. I will send this version to you.

Raija   2015/06/03    Encounters like encounter art in many ways

Wolf   20:26:44 31/05/2015     it´s great to see Chris´ exhibition now here

Ulla   22:03:05 31/05/2015   Yes, indeed, enjoyable!

Chris    11:39:12 01/06/2015     This one were in the beginning just two black and white eyes. Kristina from Italy painted them in Turku.
She uses this "Mutation" including her face since a year now as her Facebook profile. For the Wood Gallery I choose the pure "Mutation" of her eye-painting.